25 Days of December – Holiday Promotion

Happy Holidays everyone!!  This year to celebrate the season we thought we would try something different.  We’ve come up with, what we think is, a pretty fun promotion.  For the month of December we will be picking a different book every day to put on sale with our 25 Days of December sale.  Now we are aware that technically there are only 24 shopping days in the month, but the 25th is pretty important so we thought we should include it.  Plus 25% off a different book every day sounds better than 24.

So hopefully that helps to explain the giant calendar currently painted on our front window…

Epic Books - Holiday Window

Giving credit where credit is due by the way, I should really mention that Heather next door at Lulu & Lavigne (luluandlavigne.com) painted this entire window.  I lack even the most basic creative talent; when I mentioned the idea to her she volunteered to help and spent her day off doing it!  I cannot thank her enough.

So we have a giant calendar on the front window.  It’s looking a little bit bare but sometime in the next week or 2 it’ll be full of wonderful books.  It’s just that there are so many great titles it’s tricky to choose!!

We promise to keep you posted.  In the meantime here are all of the promotional details.

25 Days December - Holiday Promotion


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