Canada Reads 2015

I’m running a bit behind this year in my annual Canada Reads post, I apologize.  I just want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed the debates this year. Wab Kinew did a wonderful job hosting and moderating.  The flow of conversation was great, everybody got a chance to voice their opinions and there was only a minimal amount of panelist interruption, which drives me nuts.

The five books nominated were diverse and intriguing, each touching on the debate subject of breaking down barriers .  I think, correct me if I’m wrong, this is the first time the debates included a mix of fiction and non-fiction titles, as well as a young adult novel! What a shock that was!! I’m still working on finishing off all of the titles but I’ve enjoyed the ones that I’ve read so far. Here are the five titles to add to your reading list:





Defended by: Kristen Kreuk








Defended by: Elaine Lui









Defended by: Martha Wainwright









Defended by: Craig Kielburger






And the winner is….




Defended by: Cameron Bailey







I have to say this year’s debates were close.  Until the final moment I really thought that When Everything Feels Like the Movies was going to take it. Don’t get me wrong Ru is a beautiful book and I do recommend that everyone read it.  As a side note this is one of those occasions where I would like to mention that this would be a great book to have a physical copy of. I know I’m biased but the design and structure of this particular book is so gorgeous, I found it really enhanced the reading.

Anyways, Cameron Bailey did a good job defending Ru but Elaine Lui was AMAZING in her defence of When Everything Feels Like the Movies. The book had been in the media with some criticism of the so-called vulgar content and during the debates a particular review was quoted from. Elaine’s response was so passionate I had to share it:

So yes Ru was technically the winner this year but since the debates have ended there’s been a lot of talk about When Everything Feels Like the Movies and isn’t that really the point? To start a conversation and spark your curiosity?










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