gritLIT 2013

gritLIT 2013 is coming up next weekend and we couldn’t be more excited.  This year’s line-up is absolutely phenomenal with so many wonderful authors I couldn’t possibly list them here.  So I will refer you to their website: for all of the details.

Of course, we did want to mention that we have tickets for all of the events and workshops as well as weekend passes and gritLIT memberships available for sale in the store.  Also, as a side-note the book club that I’m a part of has had a wonderful time attending events together as a group.  This year we’ve decided to skip our meeting for the month and meet up at a couple of the readings for an evening out.  So when you’re looking for fun book club events gritLIT is a great choice!

We really can’t say enough good things about this festival, it’s always a great time and does a really wonderful job of celebrating Hamilton’s local literary culture.  Not only does gritLIT include local and international authors but they also highlight the local arts community by featuring a different artist each year on all of the festival materials.  This year the image used is by local artist Julia Veenstra and is really stunning.

Red Tights - Julia Veenstra

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