Well to say spring is here is a bit of an understatement!  We seem to have skipped spring and moved right into summer, not that I’m complaining much it’s just a bit of a jolt to the system.

Of course, our wonderfully hot weather really makes me want to go out and play!   Hopefully, you feel the same but if not I’m happy to provide some inspiration.

While going out is always fun, there are those days where you need to escape the heat and do a bit of relaxing.  So in the spirit of enjoying a great summer read we’ve put together a selection of books for the whole family.  This is just a small selection, we would also be happy to make some fun recommendations.

So kick back relax and enjoy a good book or my favourite part of summer living…bbq season.  Nothing says summer like a lazy afternoon out on the patio with a nice big salad and something delicious on the grill.  At least to me anyways!

I’m obviously excited to finally see some sunshine but I am resigned to the fact that the early bird summer probably won’t last.  Here’s hoping though!


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