That’s a Big Book….

So if you’ve been by the store lately you will notice in our front window display we’ve incorporated a very large copy of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Truth be told it kind of has to sit up there because it is so large that it will not fit on any of the shelves in the children’s section.  You can see in the picture I took, that when I tried to position it in that section it is literally twice the size of the other books surrounding it, oops. 

So this is what happens when the buyer (myself) for a store makes an impulse purchase.  I believe at the time my thought process probably went something like this:  Well, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! is a pretty great book that is beloved by many so making it bigger should pretty cool!  Right?  As it turns out not so much.  Now I have a ridiculously large copy of this amazing book that, while eye catching, is nowhere near practical.  In fact should I find the absolute right person who wants to take this book home and love it…I don’t even have a bag big enough to fit it in!

So there you have it folks, impulse buying at it’s finest.  Could be worse I suppose….

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